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MPs should avoid making statements that would harm religious sentiments, says Lok Sabha chief Om Birla – India India News

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla, said on Sunday that all religions are equal before the constitution. He said MPs should refrain from making provocative statements to any religion and maintain the dignity and dignity of Parliament at all times. Birla, who completed three years as Chairman of the Lok Sabha on Sunday, thanked the leaders of all political parties for their contribution to making the trip a success and said it was a great achievement that the average work of the Council during this period was productive. It was above 100%.

He said that on the 17th Lok Sabha, so far about a thousand hours of work at home has been done in eight sessions. Describing debate and debate as the “jewel of democracy,” Birla told PTI in an interview that MPs should avoid unnecessary aggression and loud squabbling while speaking in Parliament. Um Birla said, “Discussion and debate are important parts of parliamentary democracy. It is also acceptable to dig for each other while arguing. But in Parliament, MPs should avoid aggression and unnecessary noise.

All religions are equal before the constitution

He said Parliament should not be used as a forum for political leaders to make baseless allegations and counter-allegations. On the issue of heated debate among politicians these days about religions, Birla suggested that the parliamentarians refrain from making provocative statements against any religion because all religions are equal before the constitution.

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Limit must be maintained at all times

Um Birla, while talking about religious issues, said MPs should keep in mind that their statements should not hurt the feelings of any other religion. We should all follow this tradition with complete dedication. Our constitution gives everyone the right to practice their religion. He said that the House of Representatives operates according to the constitution. No inflammatory remarks should be made against any religion in Parliament. Her dignity and decency must be maintained at all times.

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Rules for summoning a person before a parliamentary committee

Asked about Facebook whistleblower Sophie Zhang’s request not to appear before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology despite asking the authorities here, Om Birla said that no one should appear before the Parliamentary Committee. There are rules and regulations for communicating with shows. “It is not proper for someone to say ‘I have not been summoned by the committee,’” Birla said. “There is a procedure and procedure for summoning someone before the Parliamentary Committee and the final decision must be taken by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

We hope that this year’s winter session will be held in the new building

Speaking about the new Parliament House being built under the Central Vista project, Birla said it would give a glimpse into both modern India and our rich history. It will display the culture of all states of India. Birla was unanimously elected Speaker of the House of Representatives in Lok Sabha on June 19, 2019.

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