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Mukhtar Ansari case, Punjab Congress, government spent 55 lakhs on advocates in the Supreme Court to prevent Yogi Yobi police from taking back the mafia without

To save Mukhtar Ansari, the alleged mafia man of UP, who is being held in Panda Prison in Uttar Pradesh, from fear of Yogi Adityanath’s government, the then Punjab Congress government spent Rs 55,000 to appoint a lawyer to the Supreme Court. This was revealed by Punjab Prison Minister Hargot Pines in the House of Punjab on Tuesday, as there was a lot of uproar in the House of Representatives. He told the prison minister that the note came from UP 26 times but was not sent from Punjab, after which UP went to the Supreme Court. On the orders of the Supreme Court, Mokhtar Ansari was sent from Robar Prison to Panda Prison in UP in April 2019.

State Prison Minister Hargot Pines said in the Punjab assembly that a senior lawyer has been appointed for a fee of INR 11,000 per day to plead not to send Mukhtar Ansari to UP in the Supreme Court, whose bill of 55,000 came. The minister said why are we giving this money. The minister claimed that Mokhtar was in prison like a VIP. The minister also claimed that he was held in a barracks housing 25 prisoners where his wife lived with him.

Sensational allegation of Punjab Prison Minister regarding Mukhtar Ansari – he remained in prison for falsifying FIR, his wife also lived with

Congress leader Pratap Singh Bajwa and former prison minister Sukhinder Randhawa have made a lot of noise over Minister Hargot Pines’ allegations. The two leaders said the prison minister said something wrong. Randawa even challenged the minister to provide evidence that Mukhtar was accompanied by his wife. In this regard, Secretary Pines said he had ordered the FIR to be recorded and an in-depth investigation into the matter and the whole truth would emerge. The minister said the officials would not be extradited.

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