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Mumbai Police Cancel Bail Orders for Ravi Navneet Rana – Court said Mumbai Police have come to court against the release of the couple on bail.

Mumbai police arrived in court on Monday against the couple being released on bail. The police filed an application with the court saying that Ravi Navnit Rana had breached the bail clause through their statements and the bail was rescinded as per the bail order. Police say a non-bail order should be issued against the couple.

The Mumbai Sessions Court has issued notices to MLA Ravi Rana and MP Navneet Rana, asking them why non-bail orders should not be issued against them, as they allegedly breached the terms of their bail.

The couple, Rana, was arrested on April 23
Navneet Rana, Member of Parliament from Amravati in Maharashtra and her husband MLA Ravi Rana were arrested by Mumbai Police on 23 April. The couple had announced that they would be reciting the Hanuman Chalisa outside Prime Minister Thackeray’s private residence ‘Matoshri’ here, which angered the Shiv Sena workers. A special court in Mumbai released the couple on bail on May 4. He was released from prison on May 5, after which Navnet Rana was admitted to a private hospital here. His lawyer said that Rana was complaining of high blood pressure, body aches and spondylitis.

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What did Navnit Rana say after the bail?
Speaking to reporters on Sunday after being discharged from hospital, Navnet Rana said, “I challenge Udhav Thackeray ji to elect a constituency and be directly elected by the people. I will fight against him. I will fight honestly and hard. I will work hard.

The MP said, “What crime have I committed that I had to stay in jail for 14 days? You can put me in jail for 14 years but I won’t stop taking my name Lord Ram and Hanuman. Mumbaikars and Lord Ram will be detained,” said the MP. I will teach a lesson to Shiv Sena.” Navneet Rana also said she will campaign in Mumbai and support the Ram Bhakts to end Shiv Sena’s ‘corrupt rule’.

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