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Muslim Shiva lover from Shamli Uttar Pradesh will take Kanwar for the sixth time in Sawan

Kanwar Yatra 2022: The 42-year-old Malik, who lives in Chemli, Uttar Pradesh, is all set for the sixth Kanwar Yatra of his life. Malik also obtained permission from the district administration to bring Kanwar so there was no dispute. Malik is a Muslim by profession, but he anointed Lord Shiva by fetching the sacred Ganga water from Haridwar 5 times before and this time he is the sixth Kanwar Yatra. According to Malik, “I have obtained permission from the local authorities for the liatra as I may have to face opposition in the current environment.”

Malik said, “I am equally devoted to Islam and join the congregation regularly. However, my motive behind bringing Kanwar is to prove that God is one and we create differences. If my message reaches even one person, my goal will be achieved.”

Malik has been a part of the Kanwar Yatra five times so far. He said this would be the last time he would participate based on his determination. Holy water was offered every year at the Pura Mahadev temple in Baghpat. But this is the first time he has asked for permission from the Chemli district headquarters and Gadipukta police station. In this regard, Shamli Police Station official Karamvir Singh said – no one has opposed or complained against Malik’s Kanwar Yatra. Everyone has different beliefs and we respect that.

It is worth mentioning that after two years due to Corona, the sacred Kanwar Yatra of Lord Shiva begins this year. With the beginning of Sawan, the Kanwariyas began to reach Haridwar. A large number of Shiva devotees from western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan started arriving at Haridwar to collect Ganges water.

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