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Name Yogi Adityanath Nephew of Anant Panchor Village Ceremony Uttarakhand

After 28 years of rest in his home village of Banchur, on Wednesday UP CM Yogi Adityanath began visiting the village. He stayed in the same room of the house in the village where he spent his childhood. After getting up at four in the morning, yogi Adityanath prayed at home after taking a shower. Tea was served to them at six o’clock. Then, having walked through the village for two and a half hours, he returned home.

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After that, various issues were discussed with other people including ex-CM Trivendra Singh Rawat while drinking his tea. During this, the process of reaching out to his old friends and village elders also began. Who shared the memories of the old days. At one in the afternoon, the food for the guests began.

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Where tur, dal, potatoes and cabbage, amaranth curry, raita, hummus, halawa, aras and pakodas, and chutney were served. Around 1.30 pm, Yogi Adityanath dined with his family members in the room. Preparations for Dubai began around ten o’clock. The process of granting Haldi Pan to Anant’s nephew began.

Yogi Adityanath first applied turmeric to his nephew Anant. By about 12:00, the mundane ceremony was complete. After that, the guests began presenting gifts to Anant. Thereafter his general court was also held in the same house. Where people showed him the problem of the region. CM Yogi Adityanath remained with his family members until around 11pm on Tuesday.

I had dinner at about ten o’clock. Dal, roti, vegetables, kheer and dumplings were served with chutney in the meal. Family members enthusiastically eat with their guests. During it, CM Trivendra Singh Rawat, Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat, Yamkeshwar MLA Renu Bisht along with First Cluster Chairman Dinesh Bhatt and local people attended.

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