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Narendra Modi evening for I2U2 virtual summit know about this special group htgp

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the first I2U2 Summit on Thursday. He will be accompanied by US President Joe Biden, UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the Prime Minister of Israel. This conference will be held through video conferencing. During this, all leaders will talk about strengthening economic cooperation through this new alliance. Let’s understand how and for what purpose this four-nation alliance was formed.

Indeed, regarding this conference, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that all leaders will discuss potential joint projects under I2U2, as well as other common areas of mutual interest. This will strengthen the economic partnership in trade and investment in our regions and beyond.

This name was made by mixing the initials of the nations
This group is called I2U2. Where the “I” refers to India and Israel and the “U” refers to America and the United Arab Emirates. The group was established on October 18 last year when the foreign ministers of these four countries met. There is also the fact that India’s bilateral strategic relations with each of the three countries have strengthened over the years.

These issues may be included in the objective
The summit is likely to start at 4pm ET. The conference is likely to discuss the global food and energy crisis caused by the Ukraine war. The four leaders can also discuss the features of the new grouping and identify key areas of cooperation. They can deliberate on regional and global issues, including energy and food problems, against the background of the Ukrainian crisis.

Apart from this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently told that it will discuss important things like infrastructure modernization, public health improvement, etc. It was also informed that all leaders would discuss potential joint projects under I2U2, as well as other areas of common interest. In order to strengthen the economic partnership in our region, trade and investment outside.

Alliance of American and Indian interests
Global affairs experts also say that this online summit is part of the strategy as part of efforts to revitalize and revive US alliances around the world. The four countries participating in this alliance can benefit from this. However, India already has good relations with the other three countries involved.

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