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National Intelligence Agency launches raids on 30 buildings of six countries linked to ISIS

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided 13 different locations in 6 states today. This raid is ongoing in relation to suspicious activities related to the Islamic State. The states in which the NIA has conducted raids include Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The agency conducts raids in Bhopal Raisin in Madhya Pradesh, Bharuch-surat-Navsari-Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Araya in Bihar, Bhatkal Tunkur in Karnataka, Kolhapur Nand in Maharashtra and Deoband in Uttar Pradesh.

In the raids that have been going on for several hours, the NIA team is searching the entire house and everything is being investigated. According to the report, many people have been arrested so far. Tight security elements were deployed in the area. Conviction documents/materials have been found in searches so far. Further investigation into this matter is underway.

Raids on the places of people associated with SDPI!
The raids took place a week after the National Intelligence Agency registered the case and launched a thorough investigation into the matter. It is said that the places where these raids are taking place, all these places belong to people associated with the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). The case was registered by the NIA on June 25 of this year under Sections 153A and 153B of the IPC and Sections 18, 18B, 38, 39 and 40 of the UA(P) Act.

ATS is interrogating three people in Gujarat
The Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) said that three people are being questioned. But there’s nothing more to reveal just yet. Apart from that, the investigation agency is conducting raids at several places in Bihar including Nalanda district since Thursday in connection with the extremist Indian People’s Front organization in the Vulwari Sharif case.

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