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Navin Patnaik pleads in Draupadi Murmo to support BJP stress relief – India India News

The BJD party announced its support for the NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu. He has appealed to all MLAs and MPs in the state to vote for the daughter of Odisha through Twitter. He tweeted. Choose him to promote him to the highest position in the state. Also earlier Tuesday evening, he tweeted and congratulated Draupadi Murmo on making her the presidential candidate. He tweeted that I was happy when Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to me about Draupadi Murmo. It was a matter of pride for Odisha.

Navin Patnaik said I am sure Draupadi Mormo will be a great example of women empowerment in the country. The BJD leader’s declaration of support for Draupadi Murmu paved the way for the victory of the NDA. With the support of BJD, it will be easy for Murmu to win the presidential election. Speaking of the mathematics of the presidential election, the value of the total votes is 10,79,206. The National Democratic Rally needs more than half of the votes i.e. 5 lakh 40,000 votes to win this election. The BJP alone has 4,59,414 votes. Apart from this, the vote value of its ally JDU is 22,485 and the votes of AIADMK are 15,816. Thus the value of the total votes in the NDA is 4,97,715.

Draupadi Murmu will get ample support! 4 parties so far

NDA is less than just 43K votes. Speaking of BJD, his vote value is 31,686. At the same time, the votes of the ruling party’s right-wing party in Andhra Pradesh are 43,450. He has also given signals of support. Apart from this, the opposition is splitting, so it does not seem difficult for the NDA to win. In fact, there is also an ongoing debate that the BJP could give a ticket to any tribal or minority leader, which would be difficult for any party to oppose.

The YSR Congress also gave a signal of support

The Congress of the Socialist Republic of Yemen has 150 members in the 175-member Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and 33 members in the Legislative Assembly. There are 22 members out of 25 in Lok Sabha and 6 out of 11 in Rajya Sabha. In such a situation, the support on his part is important and will decide the victory of the NDA in the presidential election. The NDA holds just under half of the total votes of 10.79 lakh i.e. 5,26,420. You will need the support of parties and independents such as the YSR Congress and Biju Janata Dal. Ms. Mormo, who falls under the category of tribes and women for chief, would also benefit from being from Odisha.

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