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Navjot Singh Sidhu can be released from prison soon to find out what happened in the prison on the first day

Cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu has been consigned to Patiala Central Jail after surrendering at the Patiala Court on Friday. Earlier, Seydu was taken to Matta Kushalia Hospital in Patiala for medical examination as he complained of chest pain during the day. The Supreme Court on Thursday sentenced Seydoux to a year in prison in the 1988 Road Rage case.

According to the sources, the former Punjab Congress Speaker got a table, a chair, two turbans, a wardrobe, a blanket, three sets of underwear, two towels, a mosquito net, a pen, a notebook and a pair of shoes in the prison. . He also got two sheets, four pairs of kurta pajama and two pillow covers at Patiala Central Jail. The sources said that prisoner No. 241383 is being held in Barracks No. 7.

Seidou may be released from prison soon
Convicted Congress leader and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidu may have to spend less than eight months in jail if he shows good behavior and jail officials, and the Punjab government has granted him special dispensations. Let us tell you that Seydoux, who was sentenced by the Supreme Court to one year in prison, will automatically receive 48 days of amnesty for working in a prison factory. “The convict gets remission for four days a month, which includes training for the first three months where he doesn’t get paid,” a prison official said.

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The jailer also has rights
The prison director has the authority to grant 30 days more remission of the offender’s sentence. It is usually given freely to almost all convicts except for those who indulge in gross indiscipline.

The Director General of Police (Prisons) or the Additional Director General of Police (Prisons) may grant a third exemption for an additional 60 days, but this is usually granted in exceptional cases and with political approval. In the case of Sidhu, due to his closeness to Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, he has a good chance of taking advantage of this exemption. CM recently had a meeting with Sidhu.

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There is also the possibility that if the state government announces special dispensations for all those convicted of heinous crimes in prison, Seydoux may get more concessions.

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