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Navjot Singh Sidhu Patiala Diet Central Prison 1988 Road Rage Case Supreme Court Congress News

Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, who is serving a prison sentence in the nearly three-decade-old road rage case, is concerned about his health. It is reported that concerns have been expressed about wheat allergy. It is said that a decision will be made soon about Sidhu’s diet. Recently, the Supreme Court sentenced the Congress party leader to a year in prison.

The Tribune newspaper quoted sources as saying that only boiled vegetables were delivered to the former Pradesh Congress Committee Chairman from the prison canteen. Sidhu is being held in the Patiala Central Jail in the 1988 road rage case. According to the report, Sidhu will be transferred to Rajendra Government Hospital for a decision on the diet based on court orders.

He didn’t eat the first night
According to the language report, Seydu was placed in Barracks No. 10 of the Patiala Central Prison. The agency quoted sources as saying that the leader of the Congress party did not eat until the first night. According to the agency, the sources said Seydou was detained in the barracks along with four other prisoners. He said Seydoux did not eat food on the first night in prison because he had already come after dinner.

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According to the agency’s sources, the prisoner strength of Sidhu Gil, the former head of the Punjab unit in Congress, is 1,37,683. Seydoux was sentenced to aggravated imprisonment, so he will also have to work in prison.

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