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Navneet Rana Saeed Sanjay Raut Bhopat said it will break up against him

Maharashtra Independent MP Navneet Rana has described Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut as a ‘bupat’. She said she would get a FIR registered against Sanjay Raut. According to ANA news agency, Navnet Rana said that a leader is constantly threatening him and behaving like fools.

Navneet Rana said, “Sanjay Raut is known as Bhupat in Maharashtra. They threatened to bury me 20 feet deep. I will file an FIR against Bhupat for speaking such language. I will personally go to the police station and register the FIR. Let us tell you that on the day Previously, the Mumbai Sessions Court issued a notice against the couple Rana asking why the bail should not be rescinded.

The court said both had breached the terms of their bail. Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat has filed a petition with the court on behalf of Khar Police. He says that the conditions imposed by the Sessions Court on both have been violated. Gharat also clarified that the Maharashtra government has filed a petition to cancel the sponsorship of both of them.

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Additional Sessions Judge R.N. Rokkady requested that the petition be heard on May 18. He said that on May 18, the Rana couple should file their response. Let us inform that Navneet Rana and her MLA husband, Ravi Rana, have been released on bail on May 4.

After her release from prison, Navneet Rana was taken to Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He was discharged from hospital on Sunday. Her husband claimed that the Bikola prison administration did not care about Navnet’s complaint despite her health problems.


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