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NEET student in Kerala forced to take off her bra before medical entrance exam – India Hindi News

A female student, appearing for the NEET 2022 Medical Entrance Examination in Kerala, filed a complaint that she was forced to remove her bra before attending the exam. At least 100 girls have complained about this. It is said that during the security check, the metal hook on the bra caused the metal detector to beep. Then the security forces forced the girl to remove her bra.

The horrific incident was revealed after the girl’s father filed a police complaint. The case concerns the NEET Center in Kollam District. Security forces asked the girl to remove her bra because of the “metal hook”. The victim then took off her mother’s bra to allow her to sit for the examination. He also asked for a shawl to cover his body.

Marthoma Institute of Information Technology, Central Shdamangalam, has denied any responsibility. The Kollam police chief confirmed that the girl’s parents had filed a complaint.

The girl’s father said, “After a security check, my daughter was informed that a metal detector had detected the undergarment hook, so she was asked to remove it. About 90% of the students had to take off their underwear and keep them in a storage room. The candidates were mentally disturbed while writing the exam. “.

The complaint was submitted to the Deputy Inspector of Police, Kotaraka. According to preliminary information, 100 girls had to face this condition. According to media reports, another girl was asked to take off her jeans because they had metal buttons and pockets. According to the students, upon exiting the exam, they found all the underwear lying in the compartments.

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