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New Traffic Rules in Indian Police Challan Fines List and Challan Vehicle Price List for 2022

New traffic rules and fines details: Traffic rules are made for your safety. If you always follow these rules, you will not be fined even one rupee. However, breaking these can also result in a fine of Rs 1 lakh. Not only that, your car can be confiscated. You can also be punished. That is why on many occasions people are also made aware of traffic rules. However, on many occasions, we unintentionally or unintentionally break traffic rules. In such a case, here we tell you about the fines for violating traffic rules. Knowing these, you can save yourself from fines. Here we tell you about 17 conditions and fines that have been imposed on them by infographics. Live Hindustan appeals to all of you to always follow the traffic rules.

Graphic Designer: Narendra Jigotia

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