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Nomination in the scooter desk on the Porsche Car AAP MLA by Ludhiyana changes its stance Watch the video

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) may make many claims of simplicity, but the richness of their MLAs is revealed. Yes, we are talking about Gurpreet Gogi, AAP MLA from Ludhiana West. During the council elections, when he came for the nomination, he did his best to show his simplicity. He himself arrived to present the model by driving a motorcycle. These days, a video of him is circulating on social media, where he is seen riding a flashy Porsche.

In the viral video, it is claimed that AAP MLA Gurpreet Gogi has arrived at the rally in his Porsche. His car became the center of attraction at that time. People are seen capturing this moment with their mobile phones. Let us tell you that in the Electoral Declaration, he disclosed movable and immovable assets of about Rs six crore.

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BJP ridiculed
The BJP did not like the richness of the AAP MLA. BJP National Youth Secretary Tanjendra Singh Baga tweeted his video and wrote, “Now the common man can’t even drive a car worth crore?” Let us tell you that there is an exhaustive discussion about AAP MLA driving a car worth Rs crore.

Meanwhile, BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh said, “Wow, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi party…scooter before elections…a Porsche worth crore after winning..MLA from Ludhiana West, Gurpreet Gogi Ji in his car Porsche arrived at the office..this is the same person who went on a motorbike to fill his nomination.This cheating game will not last long.

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