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nsui business threw ink on Sampet Batra’s car and said I forgive him

An NSUI activist hurls ink at the car of BJP spokesperson Sampet Batra, who has arrived to protest a heritage project in Puri, Odisha. He was passing near the Jhadeshwari Chhak when a man from the crowd threw ink on his car. I have forgiven him, Sampet Batra said. The Congress party has neither leader nor passion to serve the people. That’s why I forgive them.

In fact, the International Space Agency, while filing a response in the Supreme Court, said that no excavation or construction work was permitted within 100 meters of the Jagannath temple. Batra also condemned the formation of the state government and arrived in Puri to protest against it.

The BJP leader was returning from Puri when ink was thrown at his car and black flags were raised on the road. Meanwhile, the SDJM court has ordered the filing of a case against Puri Collector, Odisha Bridge and Construction Corporation and Tata Projects. The court had issued this directive while hearing the petition of Peputy Shankar Tripathi and adjourned the hearing until May 11.

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Earlier, Tripathi, the secretary of the Puri Bar Association, had called the police with his complaint. He said the construction is taking place in a restricted area near the temple which is illegal and is being carried out without ASI permission.


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