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Nupur Sharma comments on Socialist Party leader Azam Khan saying she is lucky leave it to her fate

The rhetoric of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma has been increasing continuously across the country regarding the issue of objectionable remarks on the Prophet Muhammad. Meanwhile, the leader of the Samajwadi Party, Azam Khan, has targeted Nupur Sharma. He said that he who boasts of pride is very unlucky. Do not support such people or repeat their rhetoric. Leave these people to their fate.

Azam Khan rallied for the Samajwadi Party in the by-election to be held for the seat of Rampur Lok Sabha. During this, he said about the quarrel that occurred in Nupur Sharma’s statement that God had sent a human being, and not a single drop of Wuju fell on the ground. Called him a messenger, called him a prophet, in his pride no one is deceived. The word pride is also very small. He who loves God does not harm anyone’s hatred.

Azam Khan further said that the size of the threshold that was demolished in Babri Mosque, if we show any statement from our tongue against Hindu deities or even a word of insult from our tongue as evidence, the whole family will leave Rampur. They will never show their faces to the people of Rampur. Apart from that, Azam Khan pleaded with the people of Rampur to vote for the Samajwadi Party in this gathering.

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It is worth mentioning that Nupur Sharma had made unacceptable statements against the Prophet Muhammad during a recent television debate. After all-out pressure, the BJP suspended him from the party. Many fundamentalists also threaten Nupur Sharma. Delhi Police provided security for Nupur in view of the growing threat.

By-elections will be held on June 23
Let us tell you that on the 23rd of June, there will be a by-election for the seat of Rampur Lok Sabha. Earlier, Azam Khan used to be an MP from here, but in the council elections he competed for the council seat here and got to the council after winning, after which by-elections take place here. Asim Raza, a close aide of Azam Khan, became the candidate of the Socialist Party from here.

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