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Oleksiy Vadatorsky and his wife dies after missile attack from Russia amid Ukraine war HTGP – International News in Hindi

Russia is bent on completely destroying Ukraine, defying the assessments of all analysts around the world. Even after months, this war did not reach its final result. In this episode, Russia attacked the home of Oleksiy Vadatorsky, one of the leading businessmen of Ukraine. Russia launched a missile attack on Oleksiy Vadatorsky’s home, killing both Vdatorsky and his wife.

In fact, this incident from the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv. CNN reported in one of its reports that a Ukrainian businessman and his wife were killed in a Russian missile attack. Russia attacked their home with a missile and the missile hit their bedroom directly, killing Oleksiy and his wife Risa. Not only that, but extensive damage was sustained in this attack that included the businessman’s home. Local officials confirmed this.

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky described Oleksiy’s death as a great loss. Mikhailo Podolak, a Zelensky adviser, said the missile landed directly in the businessman’s bedroom. He said that there is no doubt that the Russian battleship attacked with a direct goal. He further noted that for more than 50 years of his career, Oleksiy made an invaluable contribution to the growth and development of the agro-industrial and shipbuilding industries of Ukraine.

Oleksiy Vadatursky was 74 years old and was the founder and owner of Nibulon, Ukraine’s second largest grain exporter. He is the owner of assets estimated at 34 billion rupees. He was also awarded the Champion of Ukraine award. According to the report, the premeditated attack was carried out by senior officials in Russia as Vadatorsky built several storage facilities and other infrastructure for the export of grain there.

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