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One of the main conspirators fled the country yet another in the Seidu Mus Walla murder case: Sources – India Indian News

The murder case of Punjab singer Seydu Musiwala has been hugely revealed. One of the main conspirators involved in Musiwala’s murder has fled the country while the other is still on the run. Delhi Police said on Wednesday that gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is currently in custody, is the mastermind behind the murder of singer Seydu Musiwala.

After the revelations by the Delhi Police, the intelligence agencies now know that Bishnoi’s brother Anmol has fled the country and that Bishnoi’s nephew Sachin is on the run. Sources in the intelligence agencies told ANI, “Sachin Bishnoi, who took responsibility for the murder of Seydu Musiwala, is expected to leave the country, while Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother Anmol Bishnoi has already left the country.” According to police sources, these two people may have been the main coordinators of the Punjab singer’s murder.

Equipment provided for the kill

If the sources are to be believed, Lawrence Bishnoy would have known. Anmol and Sachin were involved in Reiki, from providing equipment to carrying out the Musewala massacre. Lawrence Bishnoi knew what would happen, but only Sachin and Anmol knew how to carry out the accident.

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Anmol left the country after implementing the plan

And if the sources believe, Anmol left the country after implementing the plan, while also fearing that Sachin will leave the country. Sources said that Sachin himself claimed responsibility for the incident, while Anmol’s name came to light during the interrogation of those arrested by Punjab police.

Five shooters have been selected

The sources said that five of the shootings have been identified so far, while the person arrested by the police is not the shooter but is involved in some kind of conspiracy. Police said three of the shootings have been identified so far, while two are suspected of involvement in the incident. In this case, Saurabh Mahakal, a resident of Maharashtra, was arrested in a joint operation between Mumbai and Delhi police.

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