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One shock only one paisa saved someone from Rs 10,000 theft Tips to stay protected from internet banking fraud – Tech News hindi

The Internet has made everything accessible to everyone with a click of a button. But not every click can be beneficial. One wrong click, or wrong entry, can get you in big trouble, including losing money. Cybercriminals use the internet indiscriminately to carry out online banking scams. Recently, a person from Noida survived a loss of Rs 10,000 in online fraud. According to a report in IndiaToday, a man named Sunil Kumar from Greater Noida has mistakenly put Rs 22,000 into a wrong bank account number instead of his relatives’ account number. This was just the beginning of their troubles and no one else could blame them.

Sunil made this mistake
Sunil realized the mistake he had made while transferring his money and immediately reported it to his bank. But when he didn’t get any help from the bank, he took to Twitter and asked for help by tagging the bank’s official Twitter account.

However, Sunil’s tweet caught the attention of cybercriminals, who then contacted him and asked him to download an app. He promised he would return his money.

10 thousand saved due to a shortage of 1 baisa
Surprisingly, the scammers asked Sunil for his bank account details! This is something that should not be done. Once he got his account details, he tried to withdraw Rs 2,000, but the attempt failed. He tried again and this time he tried to withdraw 10,000 rupees.

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The attempt would have been successful, but Sunil only had Rs 9999.99 in his bank account. Since he did not have enough money, he received a warning letter from the bank informing him of it. However, the catch was that the scammers couldn’t withdraw the money because Sunil only had one paisa in his account! Upon receiving the alert message, Kumar realized that he was a victim of a cyber crime and immediately filed a complaint with the Noida Police Cyber ​​Cell.

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You don’t go wrong like Sunil
These methods are increasingly being used by criminals to deceive people and anyone who conducts financial transactions online should beware of the activities of these cybercriminals. Therefore, people are advised not to download any suspicious apps or share their bank account details or information with anyone. Here are some tips that you can use to protect yourself from online or online banking scams.

How to protect yourself from online fraud:

Step 1: Do not click on any unknown links and do not download suspicious applications. Always visit the official website. Apart from this, before downloading any app, check its rating and comment.

Step 2: Never share your bank details like account number and password with anyone.

Step 3: Check the source of the email or call you receive. For this you can get help from the official website.

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The fourth step: In case of any emergency, just call the numbers given on the official website of the bank. Searching for numbers online can make you fall into the trap of scammers.

Fifth step: Change your ATM PIN from time to time and do not share it with anyone.

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