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OP Rajbhar has calculated the achievements of 100 days to tell a yogi who will be the leader of the alliance in 2024

SubhaSP chief Om Prakash Rajbar is still in the debate over his remarks. After the defeat of the Socialist Party in Azamgarh-Rampur, their voices began to come out like those of the ruling leaders. Akhilesh Yadav was directly targeted. Now that the Hundred Days of Yogi Sarkar is completed, the achievements are counted in their own way.

Rajbar also said that in the 2024 general election, everyone will appear together again and there will be a big match. Akhilesh Yadav will be our engine. Lok Sabha elections will be held under his leadership. The people of the state are sitting ready to teach a lesson to the BJP in the general elections.

In a conversation with the media in Lucknow on Monday, Rajbhar raised questions about 100 working days for Yogi government and said the government should tell us one job in 100 days. In these 100 days, the ruling party has done the job of speaking the language of hate every day. The poor are not linked to education and employment. They made their doodles by giving them free food cereal.

It was alleged that the state government believed that state employees did not vote for the BJP in the assembly elections. Because they have not given their invaded allowance for the month of January yet, while the central government granted this allowance to its employees in the month of March itself.

The achievements of the state government for 100 days is that officers everywhere in the police station, complex and collection are asking for money for work. Because of the untouchability, when the son of Dalit arrives to deliver the goods, everyone has seen how he is being treated in Lucknow.

She said that no action has been taken against the accused so far. He has asked the state government to tell a business in the capital Lucknow that it has been completed. The work of Congress, SP and BSP is evident in the capital.

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