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p chidambaram has come to the supreme court to oppose the arms of ranjan pil, congress attorney said we spit on you

Congress leader B Chidambaram faced opposition from pro-party lawyers. The lawyers even said “We have spat on you. You have become an agent of TMC. In fact, the matter was that P. Chidambaram had come to the Calcutta High Court to oppose the Political Isolation Act of Congress Leader Adir Ranjan Chaudhry. Chaudhry is currently in charge of Congress for West Bengal Member of Parliament for the Lok Sabha.

what’s the problem?

In fact, Adir Ranjan Choudhury filed a petition in 2018 against Mamata Banerjee alleging corruption. In it, he demanded that the case be investigated by the Central Bank of Iraq. The case relates to the sale of 47 per cent of the shares of Metro Derry Company in West Bengal to Kventor Agro Limited. It is alleged that after buying the shares, the company transferred 15 per cent of the shares directly to the Singapore company. The Mamata Banerjee government has only withdrawn investments since 2011.

P Chidambaram has arrived in court on behalf of Kventor Agro Ltd. He demanded the court to repeal the political isolation law for Adir Ranjan. When he began to leave the courthouse, lawyers began chanting slogans. Lawyers surrounded him and said he was a TMC customer.

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Lawyer and Congress leader Kaustav Bage was screaming, We spit on you. When your party workers struggle with atrocities, you remain an agent of the TMC. You oppose the President’s Political Isolation Act of the state. Come back, Mister Chidambaram. A woman was also incessantly yelling, “Go back.” She also waved her black gown in front of Chidambaram.


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