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Pakistan jirga council bans women from entering tourist places htgp – International News in Hindi

Women’s rights are constantly protected in Pakistan. Recently, the Jirga, a tribal council of Pakistan, banned women from visiting public places for tourism and recreation purposes. The council described it as immoral and contrary to Islamic principles. Not only that, the council has announced that if the local government does not implement this decision, the council members will implement it themselves.

In fact, according to Dawn’s report, this decree was issued by the Jirga tribal council of the highly conservative Salarzai tehsil in the Bajaur tribal district. The council had announced, on Saturday, that the government should implement this decision as soon as possible. The jirga was organized by the local unit of the Association of Islamic Scholars and Fadl (JUI-F), one of the main components of the ruling coalition.

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The meeting was attended by a number of community leaders and religious figures from the region, in addition to the elders of the various Salarjai tehsil tribes. It was organized by the JUI-F District Command. Addressing the crowd on Saturday, Jamaat-e-Islami Joint District Chairman Maulana Abdul Rashid and other speakers said that the purpose of the council is to discuss and resolve many issues raised during Eid and to resolve them peacefully and amicably.

The speakers who attended the jirga said that it was observed that except for men, many local women, accompanied by their husbands or other relatives or on their own, visit various tourist and outing places during the Eid holiday. The jirga claimed that it was “based on Islamic principles” against local customs and traditions.

During that, it was pointed out that women visiting the above-mentioned places for tourism and entertainment are “totally immoral and unacceptable.” He claimed that there was no place for such activities in both Islam and local traditions.

According to the report, the move comes at a time when the World Economic Forum, in its annual report on the gender gap released a few days ago, ranked Pakistan as the second worst country in the world as well as in terms of gender equality in the region.

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