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Pakistani Interior Minister: Pakistan’s economy deteriorated under Imran Khan – International News The Minister said

After Imran Khan’s departure from power in Pakistan, foreign debt is now a problem for the new government. Pakistani Interior Minister Rana Sanullah on Wednesday criticized Pakistan’s Tehreek-e Insaf government led by former Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying four years of the country had been lost.

According to the Radio Pakistan report, while addressing the Milan Eid party in Faisalabad, Sanaullah said that PTI has played a role in the economy with the more and more fluctuating tax policies every day. The minister said that Imran Khan had put the country in the quagmire of inflation.

The Minister of Interior said that the movement only painted a rosy picture and made false promises that proved to be a complete failure. He said that due to the wrong policies of Imran Khan government, the burden of external debt on Pakistan has become unbearable. The Minister also talked about the latest report of the World Bank.

The World Bank talked about the structural weaknesses of the Pakistani economy. This also includes reducing investment. Some Pakistani media reports have claimed that pressure on domestic demand and rising global commodity prices will push inflation into double digits in the country.

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