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Pakistan’s reaction after India opposed China-Pakistan’s move to third countries in CPEC HTGP – International News in Hindi

Pakistan responded to India’s statement in which it strongly objected to the practice of including other countries in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. India said the move was illegal and unacceptable. Subsequently, Pakistan has now described India’s statement regarding this project as baseless and misleading. Pakistan says that India has tried to politicize the issue of the Pakistan Economic Corridor.

In fact, in a statement issued by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, it was said that the purpose of this project is to bring stability to the region and to increase mutual cooperation. It was China’s investment in the project that helped overcome Pakistan’s energy and infrastructure barriers. India’s latest statement also reflects its sense of insecurity and its hegemonic agenda, due to which Asia has been disrupted.

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Not only that, while Pakistan rejected India’s statement about the possibility of including a third country in the economic corridor, Pakistan, on the contrary, made many false allegations against India itself. Pakistan’s statement comes at a time when India has warned that the project is passing through the illegally occupied Indian territories and that such a move would be illegal and unacceptable. India said this when a third country was proposed to participate in the disputed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

India also mentioned that we have seen reports of encouraging the participation of third countries in the so-called Economic Corridor projects. Any such action by either party is a direct violation of India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. India will treat it as illegal. These activities are by their nature illegal, illegal and unacceptable.

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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was launched in 2015 with the aim of enhancing connectivity between Pakistan and China by building roads, power projects and industrial parks in Pakistan. Much of this project passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Now the possibility of extending this project to Afghanistan is being considered. Pakistan and China have developed a strategy in this regard.

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