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Patna PFI detached cell Margob Ahmed arrests violent plot to attack Terror in India in 2023

A grand plot aiming to spread violence and hatred in the country was revealed by Phulwarisharif from Patna, the capital of Bihar state. Three days after raiding the office of the Indian People’s Front, the police arrested Margob Ahmed the Danish known as Tahir, who was living as a sleeper cell from Munir’s colony. The suspected terrorist, Munir, is a resident of the town of Beto Sharif in the Kaya region. Its wires are connected to Pakistan and Bangladesh. He was running the network from Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries through a WhatsApp group. After the arrest of three suspected terrorists linked to the PFI, the arrest of the fourth Phulwari has stirred up the police department as well as the investigation agencies. In 2023 there was a plot to carry out a major incident in the country. In cooperation with the Counter-Terrorism Agency, the police are working to expose this plot. The secret message is decrypted.

SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon said on Friday that a plot to spread violence in the country had been planned through two WhatsApp groups and messengers set up under the name Ghazwa-e-Hind. Besides, the work of inciting people was also done by uploading videos of terrorist incidents taking place in Kashmir. In his group, 181 people from Pakistan and Bangladesh were found to be related.

Evidence of anti-national and anti-social actions was also found in the mobile phone that was seized in the possession of the arrested terrorist suspect. The police questioned the detainee Marqoub. Later he appeared before the Court of Additional Chief Justice Arvind Kumar Singh. From where he was transferred to Bor Prison, he is under judicial detention until July 26 (July). The police began to search for his acquaintances and people associated with the group.

What is the active PFI in the Patna connection and the conquest of India and Kashmir; The police said in detail

The wires are tied to Pakistan, used to talk to Faizan

The Social Security Agency said the suspect had links to Pakistan. He was talking every day with a suspect named Faizan the Pakistani. Evidence of this was found in Margope’s confiscated mobile phone. Pakistani Faizan is responsible for the invasion of India. Later, he also appointed Margub of Phulwari as the group manager. Since 2016, he is communicating with people via WhatsApp and email. Ties to them were found to be linked to terrorist organizations. Many Pakistani numbers are found in the mobile phone. Their messages are anti-patriotic, anti-sectarian, inflammatory, hateful, illegal, and totally unconstitutional.

Margope has worked in Dubai for 14 years

According to SSP, the caught Margub worked in Dubai from 2006 to 2020. He came to Patna in 2021 in Corona Lock. After that, living in Munir’s colony in Vulwari began working as a sleeper cell. He has a degree in Vastanya and Foukania.

Patna PFI Raid: Bangladesh JMB unit training, weapons training under the guise of martial arts; The NIA may investigate

Pakistani flag on the map of India

Videos of various provocative and terrorist activities related to Kashmir have been found from Margop’s arrest. The Pakistani flag is installed on his WhatsApp DP with the map of India painted green. The invasion of India is organized from Kashmir. whose terrorist leader was Musa from 2017 to 2019. Ibrahim is now its leader after Musa was killed in 2019. Margob’s arrest has also been linked to this.

The case is registered in these sections

The police registered a separate case in this regard. A case against arrested suspect Margob has been registered at Fwalari Sharif Police Station under Sections 121, 121(a), 120, 153(a) of the IPC. Police are investigating the seized mobile phone and 181 people connected to it and taking further action.

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