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patna ssp manavjeet singh dhillon got the notification of bihar police headquarters for comparing pfi training with rss shakha

After Patna SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon compared PFI’s training with that of the RSS branch, Bihar Police Headquarters issued a notice asking it to respond within 48 hours. During a conversation with Manavjit Singh Dhillon, he compared RSS shakha to PFI.

Speaking to the media about the Patna Police raid and the arrest of two suspects in the process, Patna SSP Manavjit Singh Dhillon said – “The approach of this was that these people, like There Shekha, organize her RSS, adhere to it, provide training, as were these people. People train young people in the name of physical education, and at the same time they brainwash young people through their agenda and propaganda.

BJP, Patna SSP, says PFI compare PFI training with RSS branch, Bihar political brawl – apologize or quit

Bachul said the BJP is raging on SSP – they’ve gone mentally broke

The BJP has strongly opposed the SSP in Patna for comparing RSS to the terrorist organization PFI. BJP MLA Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul said that SSP has become mentally impaired. The government should dismiss him immediately. There is an appeal to the Prime Minister to take immediate notice of this matter. He said that AI is a terrorist organization, while RSS is a cultural and state-building organization. The government must act on this immediately, it cannot be tolerated.

PFI 2047 mission set in Patna, plot to make India an Islamic country and targeting of Prime Minister Modi

On the other hand, BJP spokesperson Dr Nikhil Anand said that IAS and IPS officers are considered above political and ideological influence. Patna SSP’s statement comparing PFI to RSS is shameful and deeply condemned. These officers must not have any prejudice or preconceived ideas. If he apologizes and wants to play politics, quit. State spokesperson Arvind Kumar Singh condemned the statement and said the Patna SSP is speaking like a spokesperson for the PFI.

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