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permanent driving license new requirement you must apply from aadhar district know all about rto . rules

Under the new rule for permanent driver’s license, you are now required to apply from the same region in which Aadhaar is established. After arranging to make online learning DL sit at home through Aadhaar authentication, this new requirement for permanent DL put applicants in a bind. It is now possible to learn from anywhere, but for a permanent DL, the applicant will have to go to the area registered in Aadhaar. However, this rule will not apply to those who obtained their educational DL before 1 June.

The management of ARTO Akhilesh Dwivedi said that in the new system, the learning license can be issued from anywhere, but to get a permanent license one has to go to the RTO office in the district with the address of Aadhaar. This arrangement was implemented by headquarters as of 1 June. Those who got their learning license on June 1st will have to apply for permanent membership after one month in their Aadhar address area. For example, you will not be able to get a DL in Lucknow with Aadhaar made from Gorakhpur, even if you are in a government job.

Every day more than 50 people ask for options

The problem for applicants increased due to the cancellation of the second option as a permanent DL title. A Licensing Officer at Transportnagar RTO office said that apart from the Aadhaar, the identity card of the organization, the insurance receipt is valid as proof of address. Since the Learning DL application system started with Aadhaar Authentication, more than 50 people come every day asking applicants for the second option as proof of address.

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