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Petition in High Court against Agneepath scheme to demand formation of expert panel – India Hindi News

Petition in the Supreme Court against Agnipath Scheme: Opposition to the Agnipat scheme has now reached the threshold of the Supreme Court. By submitting an application to the Supreme Court, an application was submitted for the formation and review of this scheme of conscription into the army, a panel of experts. It was stated in the application that the head of this committee should be a retired judge of the Supreme Court. There should be a review by the commission of how this recruitment scheme affects the security of the military and the state. Only then should it be considered for implementation. Not only that, in this application the SIT investigation into the violent protests against the scheme was also requested.

It was said in the application that the Supreme Court should issue an order forming the SIT. This commission should find out the amount of damage to public property during the violence. Let us be informed that opposition to Agnipath scheme is constantly increasing and on Saturday, RJD party called Bharat Banda in Bihar. This range was supported by the “Hum” party included in the NDA. Apart from this, VIP is also supported. As a result, a large number of people have taken to the streets in different parts of Bihar since Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, the Congress announced that all members of Parliament, members of the Labor Committee and all other members of the office in the party would protest against Gentar Mantar. Congressional leaders will meet on Sunday. Besides, a nihilistic public party declared its support for the performance of the Joint Operating Committee. This will be implemented in Jantar Mantar. Let us tell you that in many states there are violent demonstrations against the Agnipath scheme. Violent demonstrations have so far erupted in several states, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan. Meanwhile, the central government announced that 10 per cent reservation would be given to Agnivers in conscripting paramilitaries and Assam Rifles.

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