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PM Narendra Modi interacts with school children in Varanasi Watch the viral video – India Hindi News

PM Narendra Modi News: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has arrived in his constituency in Varanasi, addressed Rashtriya Shiksha Samagam today. Apart from this he also went and talked among the children and asked them about many things. During this, the children were seen standing near Prime Minister Narendra Modi with great love and showed their talents. Some recited the Shiva Tandav stutra, while some recited poetry and demonstrated their talent. During this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared in the role of a school teacher among the children and when asked about anything, the children were seen saying “Yes sir”.

Prime Minister Modi said in Ayurveda – The world is not run by emotions, and proof is also necessary

During this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the best yoga pose you know, do it. This child is practicing yoga. Apart from this, a student performed the drum, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also seemed immersed in the tune of his state. He blessed the child by placing his hand on his shoulder. Not only that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was surprised to see the talent of the children. He said I would like to meet the teacher of these talented children. A baby girl also received a poem about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan during this period. During this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the children Do you take care of hygiene, do you exercise? The children were seen saying yes sir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said you are all good and talented children. I would like to meet the teacher of these children. Let us inform that earlier, while addressing the National Education Conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that teachers should prepare themselves according to the new generation because the younger generation is full of knowledge and they are very curious.

Modi told the teachers – you have to prepare yourself according to the children

The Prime Minister said you have to deal with the present, but you also have to think about the future. He said that children often ask questions, then the teacher says does the head eat, in fact he does not eat the head, but the head cannot answer. Kids today are starting to keep a lot of information with Google. When children go to university in the future, we have to prepare them to answer their questions. Therefore, it is necessary to know the future and develop ourselves. I went to Gandhinagar a few days ago to see the exhibition, and I was impressed with the projects that the children did there.

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