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Prashant Kishore says Congress doesn’t know how to work in opposition – India India News

Prashant Kishore, who did not go with him even after long talks with Congress, made an important comment about it. Prashant Kishore said of the conference that its leaders believed that the people themselves would overthrow the government and gain power. He said that Congress has been in power for a long time and does not know how to be in opposition. He said, “I see there is a problem among the members of Congress. They think we have ruled the country for a long time and when people are angry they bring down the government and then we come. They say what you know, we know everything and we have been in government for a long time.”

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Speaking on the Indian Express e-ADA, Prashant Kishore said the Congress is the main opposition party in the country, which has been in power for decades. But he has to learn to live in opposition. You can’t escape saying that the media doesn’t cover us at all. It seems that he used to be in power and people do not listen to him today, then the annoyance arises. He said that at present no single party would be able to compete with the BJP. For this, Congress gave an example and said that in the decade from 1950 to 1990, we see that no single party is capable of competing with Congress. It took a long time. This is why I say that the BJP could have a long time to come, if they are not challenged together.

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Congress is constantly falling apart, and hasn’t formed a government of its own for 4 decades

He said that if any party thinks that it will defeat the BJP, it is wrong. He said that the Congress has been in a period of continuous decline since 1984. Since then, it has not been able to form the government even once at its level. In 2004, the Congress government was formed with 145 seats. We can see that there has been a steady decline in it. On the strength of the opposition in the present era, Prashant Kishore said that on the basis of the issues there is a big division against the government, but that does not mean that the opposition will be able to benefit from it.

Referring to the Shaheen Bagh movement and farmers, he said – the opposition can learn

He said that Congress is facing a constant backsliding. Emergency. The Bofors, Mandal and Ram Mandir movement and then the India Anti-Corruption Movement in 2014 have consistently lowered the voting share in Congress. He said that Congress is constantly in retreat and has not recovered its voting bank. You have to create a story that you are constantly struggling with and only then will the result come. B.K. said You will see that there was no face in the demonstrations like Shaheen Bad and Kisan Andolan. But some people got together behind one cause and kept protesting and then the government had to back off.

B.K. said The challenge can be presented to the government even without a face

This shows that if you have a narrative, the election strategist said, there’s no need for any charismatic face. On the question of whether the victory of leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Captain Amarinder Singh and Mamata Banerjee was based on faces, Prashant Kishore said there is also a narrative behind it. If you have a leader as a messenger and the message is also true, then the task becomes easy, but the narration is the most important thing.

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