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Prepares to give more shares to new people in Congress Sonia Gandhi once again said party debt should be returned – India Indian News

Before Navy Sankalp Chintan Shafer prepared a blueprint for future strategy, Congress President Sonia Gandhi once taught a discipline lesson to party leaders. He clearly said that the time had come to pay off the party’s debts. In such a situation, we all have to act with selflessness and discipline, because there is no magic wand to get the party going again.

Sonia addressed the Congress Action Committee meeting on Monday to finalize the plan of action on various topics to be presented at the Chintan Shivir in Udaipur. He said this camp shouldn’t just be a ritual. The party reorganization must be seen in this. He hoped to start a reorganized organization after the Chintan Shivir.

Need self-criticism
Sonia Gandhi said that we should all work with discipline, a sense of collective purpose and determination. The party has always been for the good of all of us. Now is the time to pay off the party’s debts. We need self-criticism on the party platform. But this criticism should not be to break confidence and courage.

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Prepare to give more attention to new people in the organization
Congress prepares for future challenges and change in strategy for 2024 for the Lok Sabha elections. The party is considering giving more share to the new entrants in the organization and giving more tickets to OBCs, SC/STs, minorities and women in Assembly elections – Lok Sabha. At Navsankalp Chintan Shivir which will be held in Udaipur, the party will discuss all these topics and give their final form.

The issue of strengthening the organization the most was discussed at the meeting of the Conference Working Committee (CWC) chaired by Conference President Sonia Gandhi. According to party sources, the committee that prepared the plan of action for the organization proposed a cooling period for office holders. For example, if a person has been in the position for five years, then he has to work as a worker without any job for three years. This will give more and more new people a chance to work.

50% share proposal for OBC
A party leader said the committee, which prepared the Social Empowerment Action Plan, had proposed giving 50 per cent of the OBCs’ share in ticket distribution in the association and the Lok Sabha. Besides, the discussion on the country’s economy was also discussed at the meeting, and the youth-to-party link in the Youth Action and Employment Plan was also discussed.

Providing digital membership: Surjewala
Speaking to the media after the meeting, the party’s spokesperson, Randeep Surjwala, said that the party’s constitution has been amended regarding digital membership. Because there was no provision for digital membership in the constitution. With this, it was also decided to form a separate state organization in Ladakh. It was now a part of the Jammu and Kashmir Congress. Referring to Chintan Shivir, he said that a total of 422 leaders will participate in it. Fifty percent of camp participants are under the age of 40.

More focus on organizing: Ramesh
Party leader Jeram Ramesh said the Shintan Shaffer is the start of a long journey for the Congress. Its first objective is the Assembly elections to be held in 2022 and 2023 and the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. After three meditation camps held so far, the party has gone through a phase of organizational change. This time also there will be changes. At Chintan Shivir, the biggest focus will be on regulation. Congress President Sonia Gandhi said we should focus more on strengthening ourselves at the grassroots level.

Propose a separate section for the election
A separate constituency within the party was also proposed for elections. Senior leader Anand Sharma said the CWC meeting should be held in different cities instead of Delhi, so that the maximum number of people can be connected. There was one opinion of the leaders in the meeting that we should raise the people’s issues more forcefully. At the moment their issues are not raised with the same force.

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