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Priest arrested for tempting people to convert to Christianity Goa CM Pramod Sawant says such activities will not be tolerated – India India News

Goa police arrested the priest and his wife for tempting them to convert to Christianity. It is alleged that the priest and his wife were tempting people with money in exchange for converting to Christianity, as well as telling them that if they went to the sanctuary of Jesus, all their problems would be over. For a long time, the police were receiving many complaints against the priest and his wife regarding their conversion to Islam. The priest and his wife were released on court bail but the police closed the places used for the shift. Regarding this matter, Goa CM Pramod Sawant said that such activities will not be tolerated.

Pramod Sawant said in this regard that he was arrested after several complaints against his conversion. He was released on bail but his home and the premises used for these activities were closed. We will not tolerate such activities.

According to Goa police, Reverend Dominic D’Souza and his wife Joanne used to lure people away with money that if they converted to Christianity, their chronic illness would be cured. According to the complaint to the police, the priest and his wife were running a religious conversion operation from the village of Saligao in North Goa, about 20 kilometers from the capital. Both are accused of encouraging hostility between different groups on the basis of religion and of harming religious sentiment. The priest was booked into sections relating to willful and malicious acts.

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