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Prime Minister Narendra Modi says in Lumbini Our ram is incomplete without Nepal – International news in Hindi – Prime Minister Modi speaks in Lumbini

Narendra Modi’s speech in Lumbini: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Lumbini, the birthplace of Mahatma Buddha, that without Nepal, even Ramna is incomplete. He said that if the Ram temple was built in India today, the people of Nepal would be happy too. The people of India have been watching with faith for thousands of years. This country will preserve its culture. Prime Minister Modi said we have a common heritage, a common culture and a common love. This is our capital. The stronger it is, the greater our ability to transmit Buddha’s message to the world. The way the situation is being created in the world today, the rapprochement between India and Nepal will serve the interest of all mankind. In this, the faith of our two countries towards Lord Buddha is united into one thread, and makes us a member of a family.

The Prime Minister said that Buddha is also enlightenment and there is research. They are ideas as well as Sanskars. Mahatma Buddha is also special because he not only preached but also made humanity feel enlightened. Certainly not born as a normal child. It made us realize that sacrifice is more important than achievement. So he wandered through the forests, made amends and conducted research. After this introspection, when he reached the pinnacle of knowledge, he never claimed the welfare of the people by any miracle. He told us the way he himself lived.

Why Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Nepal on the Journey of Buddha Purnima, and how global politics will be strengthened through heritage

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Modi said – The life of Buddha is a symbol of perfection

Referring to the messages of Mahatma Buddha, Prime Minister Modi said, “The Buddha said this is your lamp. Carefully absorb my thoughts too. He said the Mahatma Buddha was born on the day of Purnima and on this day he attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya and then on this date he attained Nirvana.” It was not just a coincidence. This is the perfection of human life. Purnima is the symbol of perfection. The Mahatma Buddha rises above geographical boundaries and belongs to all and is to all. I also have a relationship with Lord Buddha. There is also a wonderful and happy coincidence in this.

Tell us about the special relationship of Mahatma Buddha from Vadnagar

Vadnagar, where she was born, was a major center for the learning of Buddhism in ancient times. There are still huge remains coming out of there. There are many such cities in India, where people know him as Kashi in that state. You also know from my rapprochement with Sarnath near Kashi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said we must enrich this legacy together. He said I am glad that the Government of Nepal is cooperating and contributing to the development of Lumbini and Buddha Circuit. He said the relationship between Nepal and India is as old and unshakable as the Himalayas. Now we have to give the same height to our relationships.

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