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Prophet Muhammad comment: Thousands of people went out in a protest march in Bangladesh calling for a boycott of Indian products – International News in Hindi

The spark of protests has reached Bangladesh over former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Nupur Sharma’s statements about the Prophet Muhammad. Thousands of people marched in the Bengali capital, Dhaka, today to protest Nupur Sharma’s comments. Hundreds of people took to the streets and raised slogans against the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi after Friday prayers near the Bait Mukarram Mosque in the city of Dhaka. All the protesters also announced Girau to the Indian Embassy on June 16.

According to an India Today report, the protesters also called for a boycott of Indian products. The Bangladesh Scholars Association, Khilafat Majlis, Islam Ukyajut, and other groups participated in the demonstrations. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has taken complex security measures in the mosque and Paltan district in light of the protest. A heavy police force has been deployed in the area to prevent any unwanted incident.

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Heavy police deployment

Deputy Police Commissioner Motigil Abdul Ahad said, “The Islamic Movement of Bangladesh has not taken any permission for today’s event. However, the police are on high alert to prevent any unwanted incident in the name of this protest procession. In view of the situation, the police have strengthened security arrangements,” he said. Meanwhile, in case of any untoward incident, the police will take the measures according to the law.

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Protesters throw stones in India

There were also demonstrations in India after controversial statements about the Prophet Muhammad. In many states, including Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, people took to the streets and protested. During that, incidents of stone-throwing of protesters emerged in some states. Demonstrators threw stones at police in Prayagraj. A large number of police forces were deployed in the city.


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