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Protesting the agneepath scheme in the case of Haryana is like the farmers movement

Agnipath scheme protest: Farmers demonstrated in front of the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters in Haryana on Friday. It was led by the peasant leader Gurnam Singh Chadoni. Apart from the Bhartiya Kisan Union, the Khab Panchayat also decided to oppose this new conscription system. A large number of young men and students packed with tractors and jeeps arrived at the BJP office and pretended to take control of it. Bharatiya Union leader Kisan Gurnam Singh Chadoni continued fasting throughout the day and opposed the Agnipath scheme. Apart from them, the Khap Panchayat also decided to enter into this battle.

The way the BJP office in the state was changed, reminded us again of the days of the peasant movement. Then there was strong opposition from BJP leaders. People were protesting through Ghiraweh. In many places, there were also clashes between BJP supporters and farm agitators. Similarly, on Friday, a large number of people arrived on tractors and jeeps and raised anti-BJP slogans. On this occasion, Chadhoni said that neither the country is safe through the Agnibat scheme nor is it in the interest of the youth. It must be withdrawn immediately.

Rakesh Tikte also said he jumped in the struggle against the Agnibat – the young man will not bow

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– He will fight like the peasant movement this time too . said Chadhouni

Not only that, he said we will continue to agitate until the Agnipat scheme is not withdrawn. Al-Shadhoni said that this movement will be similar to the farmers’ movement and will not retreat before achieving the goal. Not only this, a large number of young people demonstrated near Rajiv Gandhi Stadium and blocked the Delhi-Rohtak road. Notably, there is a movement against the Agneepath scheme in many states of the country including UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. In Telangana, police had to shoot to control miscreants and a young man lost his life in it.

Rakesh Tikte also declared the fight to his last breath

It is worth mentioning that Rakesh Teket, who was the face of the peasant movement, spoke of supporting the movement of army candidates until its last breath. Gurnam Singh Chadhoni said the scheme is another blow to farmers. After all, children who are soldiers? Our children go to the army. We will fight for them.

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