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Punishment reward and distance from family 9 big plans to congress fixed in navy sankalp shivir rajasthan

Navsankalp Congress camp started. All the Congress leaders arrived in Udaipur with the three prominent members of the Gandhi family. On the first day of Friday, the General Secretary of Congress and in charge of Rajasthan Ajay Makin said at the press conference that after the camp, there will be a radical change in the structure of the Congress party. Besides, he also talked about the issues that will be discussed in Navsankalp camp. In this special report, we talk about 9 big plans for Congress, in which the party dreams of strong 2024 with the upcoming House elections.

Big changes in the organization
At the Aravalli Taj Hotel, Congress leader told McCain that the organization’s congressional committee had made proposals for radical changes to the party. are discussed. He said that until now the same positions were present in the Congress party structure that existed years ago. But now changes are being made in it from the cabin level to the top. Some things were already in our constitution, but could not be implemented.

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Paratroopers are not allowed to enter
McCain said the party will work on a one-family ticket format. A relative, son or daughter of any leader will be able to get the ticket only until they have served in the party for five years. That is, no leader will be dropped by parachute.

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Now there will be a division between cab and block
Like the BJP, delegates to the Congress will now be formed as well. There will be a mandala for every fifteen to twenty compartments. A block of three to four mandalas will be formed. A process for its formation will also be followed.

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Permanent scanning section will be formed
Often at election time, McCain said, we have conducted polls by some private agency. But now it was decided that Congress should have a general internal administration of the interior. People participating in this section will constantly receive feedback from the audience. On the basis of issues discussed by the public, an election strategy will be prepared.

Reward and Punishment Plan
McCain said workers who do a good job are not rewarded, and those who don’t work or do a bad job are not punished. In this regard, there is a proposal to form an evaluation wing in Congress. This suite will decide which worker works best and what should be the reward. Those who do bad deeds or work against the party, will be punished.

strengthening discipline
Congress leader McCain said we will strengthen party discipline. For this, a disciplinary committee will be formed at all levels. This will be discussed in the camp.

opportunity for youth
McCain said that fifty percent of the committees formed at Chintan Shivir are under 50 years old. This will be implemented in the future as well.

No person may hold any one position for more than five years. These officers must give their performance. If he does not do well, he will be removed from office for three years. If you work at the party, you’ll get another chance.

Focus on women
Congress prepares to focus on female voters with young people. In the UP Council elections, the party worked on this strategy under the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi. Now it will be implemented in the future as well.

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