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Punjab Congress News Navjot Singh Seidu Sunil Jakkar and Charanjit Singh Chani – Navjot Sidhu

After losing the elections, the senior leadership of the Congress began to shift the responsibility to new shoulders and to the side of the old faces in Punjab. A recent example of this has emerged in the latest developments. Disciplinary action has been taken against former PCC Chairman Sunil Jakkar. The high command made it clear that Jacquard would not get any party position in the future. On the other hand, the case of Navjot Singh Sidhu is also in the Disciplinary Committee and stern action is being taken against him. This time the high command has a great opportunity to align with Seydoux. The senior leadership does not want to tolerate him. On the other hand, although there is no allegation of indiscipline on former CM Charangit Singh Chani, but neither of them have been able to win any seat in the assembly, the party is moving away from Chani.

After losing the elections in Punjab, the Congress party is pressing ahead with a new strategy. In such a situation, the first step is to stand by those who were the reason behind the party’s defeat. The first one is Sunil Jakhar. Action was taken against the beleaguered Jacquard by making a statement against Chaney. The High Command took action on Jacquard, and also made it clear that in the future, Jacquard would not be given any partisan responsibility in the state. However, Jakkar also understood this and is in the process of joining the BJP citing personal relations with Prime Minister Modi.

Opportunity to work on Badpool Sidhu
On the other hand, action is being taken against Navjot Singh Sidu, who has put the party in a bind every time with his rhetorical statements. Its subject is with the Disciplinary Committee and the procedures are determined on Thursday or Friday. There are indications that Seydoux is still not soft. It is clear from his words on Twitter 12 hours ago that he will not bend. Seydoux wrote – “I often listen silently against myself.

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The top leadership of the Congress had placed Charangit Singh Chani at the helm before the assembly elections. Ignoring Sidhu’s insistence, Channi made CM’s face. But Chani went to defeat the party but also drowned Naya. Chaney didn’t manage to win even one of the assembly’s two seats. Although the former CM Channi has not been accused of indiscipline, none of his close friends have found a place in the new squad of new Punjab captain Amarinder Singh Raja Wadding. It is not included in any party strategy.

In such a situation, it is clear that this time the senior leadership is preparing a new team led by Amarinder Singh Raja in the state congress, to move away from the divisions.

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