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Rahul Gandhi’s nightclub party with the Chinese diplomat who knows Yankee What’s the truth – India India News – Rahul Gandhi with the Chinese ambassador at a nightclub? learn

BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya posted a tweet on Tuesday morning regarding Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi. He said Rahul Gandhi was partying in a nightclub. Since then, this video has become increasingly viral and the various claims are starting to equalize in speed. One such claim is that the woman Rahul Gandhi was seen talking to at this ceremony was Kev Yankee, the Chinese ambassador to Nepal. Many people claimed by sharing Rahul Gandhi’s video on Twitter and Facebook. Debate over this claim has intensified due to Yankee’s reputation for its anti-India stance.

This was the reason why so many people were concerned about such posts as Rahul Gandhi meeting the Chinese ambassador in a nightclub. However, on investigation of this claim, it turned out to be incorrect. The woman Rahul Gandhi was talking to is a friend of his friend who went to his wedding. According to a report by Nepali newspaper “Kathmandu Post”, Rahul Gandhi went there to attend the wedding of his girlfriend, journalist Sumanima Udas. Sumanima Udas is the daughter of Bhim Udas, the former Nepalese ambassador to Myanmar. According to the newspaper report, Sumanima Odas got married on 3 May and a reception is proposed on 5 May.

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When and where is Rahul Gandhi’s video?

The question now is where is the video in which Rahul Gandhi was seen. According to reports, this video is from a famous pub “Lord of the Drinks” in Kathmandu. Rahul Gandhi went to this pub on the evening of May 2nd with 5 to 6 people. Not only that, India told today in its report based on a conversation with the bar management that there was no Chinese ambassador with Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi stayed in the tavern for about an hour and a half. The bar management also said that the woman seen with Rahul Gandhi is not a Chinese ambassador but is a friend of Sumanima Udas, whose wedding the Congress leader arrived in Nepal. Not only that, the woman is not of Chinese descent but is from Nepal.

Congress has asked the question, Is going to the wedding now a crime?

Remarkably, after BJP leader tweeted Rahul Gandhi’s video, politics intensified. In this regard, the Congress responded to the BJP and said what is wrong with it. Has forming a family, marrying and joining them become a crime in the country? Not only that, but the Congress leaders have also accused the BJP of spreading lies.

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