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Rajasthan Police: Gilot Minister Ramesh Mina targeted BJP MP Kirori Lal Mina

In Rajasthan politics, war of words has begun again between Kirori Lal Meena and Minister Ramesh Meena. Panchayati Minister Rat Ramesh Mina has targeted his arch rival BJP member Kirori Lal Mina. Speaking to the media in the capital, Jaipur, Minister Ramesh Meena said the person practicing the cadaver policy. Action must be taken against him. The minister said that whether or not the BJP deputy threatened him is the subject of an investigation. The state government will investigate it. I don’t want to discuss this. Earlier he also shot in his area and took the Y-class security. Who fired the shot is being investigated and what was the motive behind it.

Happy – Where does Kirori need protection

Minister Ramesh Meena said Kirori Lal is calling for security. There are already many cases against him. They must surrender themselves to the law. Where do they need protection? When the minister was asked that he had been threatened in the case related to the Kanhayal murder case in Udaipur, he said that he himself says I have hundreds of supporters, so where do they need security. feel themselves
I told the prime minister that a person who practices the politics of corpses, threatens people, is himself a criminal and creates such a story for security, should be arrested by the police. He received a letter threatening to kill him. There must be a thorough investigation in order for the truth to emerge.

There was an old feud between the two leaders

There was a war of words between Panchayati Minister Raj Ramesh Meena and BJP member Kirori Lal two months ago. Kirori Lal had described Minister Ramesh Meena as a land mafia. Kirori Lal said that if Minister Ramesh Meena drank his mother’s milk, he should arrest him. Cases are recorded to raise issues of public interest. I am not afraid to register a case in the interest of the public and the police. Also at that time, Minister Ramesh Meena CM Gehlot demanded the arrest of Kirori Lal. Kerori and Ramesh Mina have an old feud. Minister Ramesh Meena became a minister by defeating Gulma Devi, wife of MP Kirori Lal, of the Saputra Assembly of Karoli District.

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