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Rajasthan Politics: Priyanka Gandhi supporter Acharya Pramod Krishnam targets Gilot under the pretext of Minister Ashok Chandna

Priyanka Gandhi’s Acharya Pramod Krishnam has targeted Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot on the basis of Sports Minister Ashok Chandna’s offer to resign. Acharya Pramod tweeted and wrote – Engine bug. You are requesting a fund change. In his second tweet, Acharya Pramod wrote – Speaking the truth in Rajasthan is a lord of sin, and you too will be considered a pilot. It is noteworthy that Sports Minister Ashok Chandna, who was upset by the position of the bureaucracy, offered to resign via Twitter. It is worth noting that Acharya Pramod appeared in the spotlight by making statements in support of Sachin Pilot during the Congress of Shaintan Shaffer.

It is said to be unfair to Sachin Pilot

It is noteworthy that during the time of Congress Shintan Shavir, Acharya Pramod Krishnam, a leader close to Priyanka Gandhi, made a statement that he was unfair to Sachin Pilot. Inviting Congressman Political Committee member Shintan Shaffer, Acharya Pramid Krishnam said – In 2018, when assembly elections were held, state heads were appointed as prime ministers. When Amarinder Singh was the chief of state in Punjab, he was appointed chief minister. Kamal Nath was the Head of State in Parliament, made it CM, in Chhattisgarh Bhubesh Bagel was the Head of State. He was appointed CM but in Rajasthan at that time Congress State President Sachin Pilot was not the Prime Minister. Some injustice happened to Sachin Pilot. Now I’m sure the leadership of Congress will do them justice.

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Sports Minister Chandna is a Gilot faction.

Sports Minister Ashok Chandna is a minister in the Jhelot faction. In 2020, when the pilot camp rebelled, Chandna supported the Jhelot camp. Ashok Chandna’s discontent could become a problem for CM Gehlot. Speaking to the media today itself, State Congress President Govind Singh Dutasra said that if there is resentment from ministers and MLAs toward the bureaucracy, the flag will be taken. Sports Minister Ashok Chandna expressed his dissatisfaction with the bureaucracy by tweeting late tonight. State Congress President Govind Singh Duttasra has said that both the legislature and the executive branch are two sides of the coin, due to lawmakers’ persistent resentment toward bureaucrats. If any representative of the Ministry of Legal Aid or a public representative feels that the bureaucrats are not working properly, it is the law of the government that takes note of it, whether it is a minister or a minister.

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