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Rajya Sabha Election 2022 Voting in Maharashtra aims to support MVA Shivsena News – India Indian News

The huge suspense over the Rajya Sabha elections in Maharashtra is over. The All India Muslim Union Council (AIMIM) announced its support for Maha Vikas Agadi’s government. Head of State Imtiaz Jalil provided this information on Friday. AIMIM has two MLAs in the state. A maximum of 6 seats will be voted on in Maharashtra. There are seven candidates in battle here.

It is reported that two MLAs of AIMIM will vote for Imran Pratapgarhi, the congressional candidate participating in the MVA government. The special thing is that Jalil announced his support for the MVA a few hours before the voting began. To defeat the BJP, our AIMIM party has decided to vote for Maha Vikas Agadi for the Rajya Sabha elections in Maharashtra. Two AIMIM MLAs from Maharashtra were asked to vote for Congress candidate Imran Pratapgarhi.

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He also reported that instead of help, some conditions were put before the government. AIMIM MP said, “We have set some conditions relating to development in MLAs Dhulia and Malegaon districts. Besides, there has also been a request to appoint a minority member to MPSC and increase the income of Maharashtra Endowment Board of Directors.

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Jalil said two AIMIM MLAs were asked to support Congress candidate Pratapgarhi. The remarkable thing is that there were numerous meetings between Jalil and the old chief investigators before the elections. He had met Shiv Sena MP Hemant Patel. Besides, he participated in the food program of NCP Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Ajit Pawar.

Apart from this, Jalil met with Shiv Sena leaders Eknath Shinde, Anil Parab, Anil Desai, Arvind Sawant and party official Milind Narvikar at Trident Hotel in Mumbai before the vote. According to media reports, the two Shiv Sena ministers have agreed to accept all terms in exchange for the votes of the Rajya Sabha.

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