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Ranchi Violent Gangs Arrested from Wasipur Group Management

Police arrested Nawab Chishti, who is accused of widely spreading inflammatory messages in the Wassypur WhatsApp group, and was sent to jail on Tuesday. Representatives of the inhabitants of Duranda. It emerged in the introduction to the investigation that on June 10, the message of protest against the controversial statement became more prevalent from this WhatsApp group. The accused Nawab in the group had appealed to the people to join the protest, and the police also learned that Nawab is responsible for this group. Representatives have also been imprisoned twice for inciting riots.

This claim was found to be true after scrutinizing messages received in a WhatsApp group called Gangs of Wasseypur. Then the police arrested the accused and imprisoned him. Nawab is said to have been imprisoned twice in the past for inciting riots. Police say Gangs of Wasseypur WhatsApp group played an important role in inciting Ranchi violence. Through this group, people were agitated by spreading the message of the demonstration for several days. After the arrest, the accused was questioned by the police and he confessed his crime to the police. Here, the police also began searching for other people involved in that group. Police say these people will also be questioned.

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incitement to riot
As per the information received, Ranchi Police did investigation and verification after receiving information about Chishti MPs, then learned that Chishti MPs from Yunus Chowk Duranda is spreading religious frenzy and inciting riots by sending various types of messages on social media. He was imprisoned in Duranda Police Station Case No. 227/2019, Section 295(a)/153/153(a) on July 4, 2019, on charges of inciting riots and violence through his letter. He is accused in that case. The police also learned in the investigation that he was sent to prison in the same year on charges of inciting riots from the Hendibidi Police Station.

Murder went to prison
Hendbury police arrested Nawab Chishti and Tabriz Ansari alias Bashir on July 31, 2019, for attacking Vivek Srivastava and Deepak with a knife on July 5, 2019, near the Ikra Mosque. Both were sent to prison.

Viral photos of politicians with the accused
The accused Nawab Chishti had been in contact with several politicians and social workers. He used to take pictures with her and post them on social media. With this, he put forward a picture in which representatives from political parties and many great social workers participate. After the arrest, photos of the accused with leaders of political parties spread on social media. Although Hindustan does not confirm this image.

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