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Randeep Surjwala said Kuldeep Bishnoi could have been the best Haryana Congress President

Congress Speaker and Senior Leader Randeep Singh Surjwala expressed his support for Kuldeep Bishnoi and said it would have been the best for the state unit in Haryana. During a press conference on Sunday, Surjwala said Bishnoi could have been the best head of the Haryana unit of Congress. Surjwala’s support for Bishnoi comes at a time when the Congress party appointed Udaybhan of Hooda camp as the state chief in the congress.

In such a case, there is speculation as to whether Randeep Singh Surjwala’s relationship with Hooda camp is not good. Significantly, the Congress on Wednesday reconstituted the Haryana unit and appointed Udaybhan, a close aide to former Prime Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, as the state chief in place of Kumari Selga.

Bishnoi, MLA from Adampur, was upset that no great responsibility was given to the unity of the state. He told his supporters on Wednesday evening that he, too, was “very angry” as he was, but that he had to be patient. Surjwala had called a press conference here on the electricity crisis in the state, where he was asked about the developments of the party organization. “Kuldeep Bishnoi could have been the best head of state, but the party’s decision is who will become the head of the state unit,” he said.

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Surjwala also said Kumari Silga was doing well but sometimes such circumstances arise and she (Selja) offered to resign and later resigned.

The Congress spokesperson congratulated the new head of state Udaibhan and also said, “I believe that Kuldeep Bishnoi is a capable, talented and respected person and leader. Congress needs leaders like Bishnoi.

Surjwala, who was a Haryana state minister, said, “I am sure that the Congress leadership will speak to him and Kuldeep Bishnoi will have due responsibility in the organisation. I hope.”

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