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RCP Singh – Unique Number 7 – Seven Strong Connection MP Minister to Bungalow Vacation Will Remain Minister in Modi Cabinet in July

Rajya Sabha’s term of steel minister and JDU RCP leader Singh in Narendra Modi’s government ends on July 7. After that, there is terrible political speculation about whether or not the minister will remain in the Federal Cabinet. But Ramchandra Prasad Singh, better known as RCP, is in utter nervousness. With body language and speech, he seems certain that his roles in Narendra Modi’s government will not end yet.

Number 7 has a huge role in the life of RCP. From birth to vicar and from becoming a minister to snatching the hut. The shadow of the number 7 does not leave RCP Singh’s side. Game #7 begins with the birth of RCP Singh. RCP Singh was born on the 6th of July 1958 i.e. in the seventh month. The first seven. Immediately after birth, we figured out that he becomes a deputy. At the age of seven he may have had a lot of connections in his life even before he became a deputy but we don’t know that.

In the sanctuary of RCP Singh Mandir-Math, Baba-Didi, Ghat-Ashram, will the ministry survive or not?

When RCP Singh first reached Rajya Sabha in 2010, that month was July. When he reached the Rajya Sabha for the second time in 2016, that month was also July. July is the seventh month of the year. When RCP Singh became a minister in Narendra Modi’s government, that date was July 7. The seventh month, the date also seven. When his term ends in the Rajya Sabha, that date is also 7th July. Seventh date, seventh month too.

The bungalow kidnapped by the Nitish government, its number was also 7

The number of bungalow he has been living in for 10-12 years in Patna, the capital of Bihar, is 7, Strand Road. This Bengal was designated as JDU’s MLC Sanjay Gandhi but RCP Singh lived there. Now this bungalow has been handed over to the state’s chief trustee as RCP Singh vacated this bungalow last week.

By law, a leader can remain a government minister for six months without becoming an MP or a member of the House of Representatives. The benefit of this provision shall be accorded to ministers who were not members of any House at the time of their holding the office of Minister. The RCP is an MP for the Rajya Sabha and his term expires on July 7. But the JDU, the party of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, sent JDU Chief Jharkhand Khairu Mahto to the Rajya Sabha instead of repeating the RCP Singh.

RCP Singh said on the issue of Upendra Kushwaha – who took his name on the land of Buddha

Prior to the expiry of the term, the full scope of the election of RCP Singh is as Deputy Vice President. If the minister remains on the council even after the deputy’s position as minister has ended, the RCP can become the leader of a unique model of being a minister in this way. But for that, the complete blessing of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is needed. And until then, how and from where he will be able to get to any house, his main address will be different.

RCP supporters say Prime Minister Modi will get the president’s nomination and keep the ministers, but we don’t remember any example of MPs being appointed to become ministers. After 17 days, the date of July 7 will come in the Rajya Sabha calendar and RCP Singh’s party will become a former MP. Will RCP Singh become ex-minister immediately or after 6 months or some miracle will happen between them, only Prime Minister Narendra Modi will know.

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