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Relatives told the groom’s tower that by taking the bride alone, the marriage had to be broken in the ward once the truth was known

The news from Aligarh in UP got people thinking about the marriage procession. As soon as the procession came, some relatives took the bride into seclusion and told something about the groom that the bride was agitated. After that the bride went straight to the ward and announced the annulment of the marriage. Upon hearing the bride’s decision, there was an uproar in the processions. She tried to persuade the bride, but she did not succeed. In the end, it was decided not to marry the two parties. At the police station, both parties announced in writing that they dissolved the marriage by consent. Then the procession returned.

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It is about Dori Nagar marriage house in Gandhipark area of ​​the city. According to the police, the marriage of a young man from Agra Road, working in a factory in Vaidik Vihar Sasni Gate, to a girl from Gandhipark Shastri Nagar has been fixed. On Friday, the procession arrived at Dori Nagar’s wedding venue. Preparations for seven rounds were underway. Then some of the bride’s relatives came and opposed the marriage upon their arrival.

He took the bride alone, talked to her, and took her home with him. The groom’s side was pissed off seeing this. There was a lot of commotion. After that the police station arrived at Gandhipark. On the groom’s complaint, the police arrived at the place and the bride’s house. From there the bride and her family were taken to the police station. According to the police, the bride was adamant not to marry.

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The girl went home with her family

It was learned from close relatives of the family that the girl was getting married by order of her mother. His relative told him something about the groom. There is also the question of ownership. However, both parties reported in writing at the police station that they dissolved the marriage. Inspector Ravindra Kumar tells Dube that the marriage broke up. The girl returned with her family members and the procession also returned.

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