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Rishi Sunak said if I am elected prime minister from day one I will start working to get Britain out of the crisis – international news in Hindi

Rishi Sunak, the Conservative Party’s candidate for Britain’s prime ministerial election, promised on Saturday that if he wins the election and becomes prime minister, he will start working to deal with the crisis in the country from day one. “Being inside the government, I think the current system is not working,” he said.

The 42-year-old former British chancellor said in an interview with The Times that the let-down approach will not succeed in dealing with the serious economic challenge facing the country. “Being inside the government, I think the existing system is not working as it should,” he said. The challenges I’m talking about are not fiction….

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Liz Truss calls Thatcher her role model

Sunak said, ‘These challenges are coming in front of us and we leave them as they are, the mindset can’t compete with them. So, from the first day (Prime Minister) entered office, we will make efforts to deal with the crisis. Sunak and his rival Liz Truss, both leader of the Conservative Party (contestant for the premiership) Sunak, and his rival Liz Truss Thatcher, before a debate in Grantham, eastern England, the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister during the 1980s. He described it as his ideal.

We will focus on the best value for money

Born in Southampton, UK, Sunak of Indian descent explained how his family’s work in pharmacy was guided by conservative values. Sunak said that with inflation being treated as a national emergency, he would focus on improving value for money, the money received from taxpayers, and the National Health Service (NHS) it funds.

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