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rpgl in Mohali explosion uses a risi arm used by Talabani fighters – India India News

The chains of attack on the Punjab Police Intelligence Department headquarters in Mohali, Punjab are now linked to Afghanistan as well. In fact, the weapon used in the attack is not even in our Pakistani possessions. Although RPGL is used by Taliban boys in Afghanistan. Sources say that the US military in Afghanistan has provided Panjshir, Russian-made RPGL and Dragunov assault rifles, and the Northern Alliance (Uzbek + Tajik), which is fighting Taliban forces.

This was done so that there was no direct link to the American support for the anti-Taliban forces. When US forces abruptly withdrew from Afghanistan last August, thousands of Russian weapons used by anti-Taliban forces were left in Afghanistan. The Taliban confiscated these weapons and then reached Pakistan.

Then ISI and terrorist groups supplied it to terrorist groups in Punjab. The reason for this is that the link to the attack cannot be linked to Pakistan. Targeting the Punjab Police Intelligence Headquarters (even if done in an amateur way) is to send a signal that we have arrived and reinforce the cadre. This has happened before. When the United States supplied the Mujahideen in Afghanistan with a Russian-made AK-47. They were fighting the armed forces of the USSR.

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Images from this Punjab police headquarters indicate that an RPG22 launcher may have been used for the attack. This weapon is not used by the Indian army. That is why it is clear that the weapon came across the border. RPG-7 of Pakistani terrorist was found even after encounter with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

Let us tell you that this weapon is used from a shoulder-mounted launcher. This weapon can also be used from a distance. Taliban fighters have used these weapons extensively in Afghanistan.

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