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RR vs GT IPL 2022 Qualifier 1 Hardik Pandya slips before Jos Buttler catches up, such memes go viral

The first qualifying match of the 2022 Indian Premier League was held between Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals on Tuesday. The Gujarat Titans scored a resounding win by seven wickets in the final while Rajasthan Royals now have to play their second qualifying match. Gujarat Titans captain Hardik Pandya is considered one of the best field players in the world, but during this match he slipped before catching a simple ball from Jos Buttler and got a limit on the ball that Butler was about to get off. Hardik also couldn’t understand what had happened all of a sudden and started smiling as he sat on the floor.

Today the seventh team will be eliminated from the tournament, the confrontation in Lucknow-Bangalore

Many memes are being shared on social media regarding this topic. In fact, this incident happened at the second ball in the 17th round of Rajasthan Royals innings. On Yash Diyal’s ball, Butler hit the ball towards the boundary line, and Hardik ran to get to the ball, but suddenly slipped. This way the ball crossed the boundary for four. Butler was playing 43 kicks at the time. Butler played impressive innings from 89 passes from 56 balls.

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“Hardik Pandya’s name is sold out, so I laugh at him”

In fact, the first qualifying match was played on the grounds of Eden Gardens in Kolkata. It was raining in Kolkata during the day, and because of that the outside area looked a little damp. Hardek ran towards the ball, but before he caught the ball, he slipped and fell.

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