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Russia Ukraine war Russia lost 25,000 soldiers, 1,100 tanks and many more Ukraine says – international news

Russia has lost about 25,000 soldiers since the start of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry published this information in a tweet on Friday. This claim comes from the Ukrainian government in the midst of the 72nd day of war between the two countries.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Moscow lost 24,900 soldiers, 1,110 tanks and 199 aircraft in its war against the Eastern European country. The Russian army also lost 155 helicopters, 2,686 armored personnel carriers and 502 artillery systems. The Ukrainian government further claims that the Russian army lost more than 1,900 vehicles and fuel tanks in a “military operation” in Ukraine.

However, heavy fighting continues for the 72nd day on the battlefield in Ukraine. Reuters quoted British military intelligence as saying that Russian forces continued their ground attack on the Azovstal steel plant for a second day in the Ukrainian port of Mariupol.

Russia’s own claims
The Russian Defense Ministry said its missiles destroyed a large ammunition depot in the city of Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine. It also said its air defense had shot down two Ukrainian Su-25 and MiG-29 warplanes in the eastern Luhansk region. In a recent development, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday that there was hostile rhetoric from Poland and that Warsaw could be “a source of danger”.

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Poland called on the European Union to tighten sanctions and called on the Western NATO to arm Ukraine. Poland has been against Russia from the start. “Poland is proud to be on Putin’s list of unfriendly countries,” Poland’s Minister of Environment and Climate, Anna Moskowa, said on Monday.

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