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Sanjay Raut attacks eknath shinde and devendra fadnavis how to become a relative aurangzeb

Sanjay Raut news: The Eknath Shinde government of Maharashtra has rescinded the decision of the previous Uddhav Thackeray government to convert Aurangabad into Sambhaji Nagar. Apart from this, the decision to change the name of Osmanabad was reversed. The government says the process has not been followed up and again it will have to be passed by the Council of Ministers. Now the Uddhav Thackeray group has attacked Eknath Shinde’s government for delaying the decision to change the names. Sanjay Raut said in a questioning manner, How did Aurangzeb become your relative?

Speaking to media in Nagpur, Sanjay Raut, who is on a two-day visit to Vidharbha, said the people who formed the government on Hindutva issue had taken such a decision. He said this government is hostile to Maharashtra. That is why the decision to change the names of Aurangabad and Osmanabad has been reversed. A proposal to rename the Navi Mumbai airport, named after Hindu leader DB Patel, has also been put on hold. Sanjay Raut said that there is nothing in the hands of Eknath Shinde. Devendra Fadnavis runs the government. Sanjay Raut said decisions like the bullet train are understandable, but wrong.

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Not only that, Sanjay Raut said the sword of the Supreme Court is hanging over this government. He also responded to the attack on himself by the Eknath Shendah faction. Raut said: Am I the owner of Chef Sina? Shivsena belongs to Balasaheb Thackeray. Lakhs of Shiv Sainiks are ready to sacrifice their lives for the Shiv Sena of Balasaheb Thackeray. If Balasaheb Thackeray’s stay with Shiv Sena is said to be the end of Shiv Sena, the definition of loyalty would have to change. He said that Shiv Sena would once again return to power in the state. He said that those who wanted to eliminate Shiv Sena went with the BJP.

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Sanjay Raut also mocked the word limit in Parliament. He said that in Parliament, we have to tie our hands and feet and put glue on our faces. Raut said the deputy prime minister gives the ticket, pulls out the microphone, and pulls out the shirt. It seems that this government is not from Eknath Shinde but Devendra Fadnavis is the real Prime Minister. He also mocked Governor Bhagat Singh Koshari, saying that he used to speak about the constitution and the law during Thackeray’s government. Now it remains to be seen if he has thrown these issues overboard.

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